Anti-vibration mounts(AV Mounts)

  • Rubber Mounts ( Rubber Dampers ) are used to reduce the transmission of shock to the surrounding structure where, the Rubber Dampers deflects under the applied shock load.
  • Rubber Mounts ( Rubber Dampers ) support loads from 1 kg to 400 kgs per mount in compression and up to 200 kgs in shear.
  • Are Simple in Design and sturdy in Construction.
  • The construction of rubber buffers:
    • a. Rubber is bonded to a metal plate which incorporates a number of options such as
    • b. Double side Studs or Double side Female Bush
    • c. One Side Studs and One Side Female Bush
  • Material: Natural Rubber
  • Hardness: 60IRH (Range – 55 to 65)
  • Applications: a. Motors & Relays b. Control Panels c. Machine Mounts d. HVAC Equipments

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