Locking Pins

Assembled Pins

1. Induction hardened Chrome Plated Pins

2. Weldable Bracket

Customized Pin Dimensions
Ranging from Dia 10 to 40mm
Bracket Dimensions
Pins to Suit Quick Hitch Coupler Components
Manufacturing Process
  1. Pins are made from AISI 1045 Medium Carbon Steel with a Tensile Strength in the Range of 600 – 800 Mpa.
  2. It can achieve around 55 – 62 HRC surface Hardness after Induction Hardening Process and 900 – 1100 HV at the Chrome Plated Surface.
  3. This offers Excellent Wear Resistance, Good Corrosion Resistance and High Resistance to Surface Indentation.
  4. Brackets are made out of readily weldable Laser Cut Mild Steel Plates.
Standard Sizes of Pins Supplied by Malabou for Quick Hitch Coupler Attachments

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