Wear parts

Material Selection for Wear Resistance Applications:

CS – GET is a wear alloy developed for toughness & wear resistance applications such as ground engagement tools (G.E.T.’s) and forestry harvester head teeth.

It is readily weldable in the fully hardened and tempered condition, this makes it especially valuable in the field where welding and hardfacing can be done with minimum preparation.

Typical Applications;

Tooth tips for ground engaging machinery, grinding and cutting hammers.

Typical mechanical properties;

Hardness only grade, can range from 460 Hb on larger section tips to 500 Hb on smaller section tips.

Impact properties; at ambient temperature (20°C) 21 Joules, at zero centigrade 14 Joules.

Heat treatment;

Supplied in the quenched and tempered condition.


Cosmetic weld repairs can be done in the fully heat treated condition;

Pre heat to 200C minimum, GTAW using E8018 B2 wire, allow to cool slowly.

Wear Resistance Castings

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Wear Resistant Castings

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