Malabou Metal Component Solutions” – Our mission is to keep local OEM’s globally competitive”

Robert Peter, CEO

Our comprehensive Metallurgical Expertise and Extensive Manufacturing Networks deliver Globally competitive Metal Component Solutions to OEM’s & Industrial clients. Our team of Metallurgists, Mechanical and Material Engineers will work closely with you to ensure we understand you requirements and meet your needs.

Malabou supplies best in class metal parts for OEM’s, we are pioneer in helping metal parts or metal component manufacturers to fulfill the supply chain with competitive pricing.

We help to co-create, design and manufacture of metal parts, components for a range of industries, with a very high quality of service.

Leading supplier of Metal Parts and Components across New Zealand (NZ) and Australia (Au).

We understand that sending us your designs and concepts requires an assurance of confidentiality. We are committed to protecting your intellectual property and happy to enter into non-disclosure agreements

Metal Component Manufacturing Capabilities - Malabou


Comprehensive casting capability with metal castings ranging from a few grams to several tonnes.


Closed Die steel forging from 0.5 to 70Kg (1 to 155lb). Materials include; Carbon Steel, Medium Alloy, Steel, Stainless Steel.


Comprehensive Machining Capability. Including Milling, Turning, Spark Erosion, Grinding, Honing, Burnishing, Gear Cutting.


We specialise in Small to Medium sized steel fabrications typical plate thickness of 2mm to 50mm plate. Single job of up to 15 tonnes.

Heat Treatment & Surface Engineering

Full Heat treatment capability including; Vacuum Furnace, Anneal, Normalise, Homogenise, Harden and Temper, Case Harding, Nitriding,

Hard Chrome Bar

Hard Chrome bar metal components for OEM’s and Industrial users. AISI 1045 & AISI 4140 metric and Imperial sizes.

Malabou - Metal Component Manufacturer in New Zealand and Australia

Malabou is an engineering company specialise in the manufacturing of metal components, subassemblies and supply of industrial equipments. Malabou as a metal component manufacturer, a company founded on Metal Casting Expertise, meeting the need of OEMs for Globally Competitive Metal Component Solutions. Malabou is a New Zealand Company with wholly owned subsidiaries in India and Australia. Malabou’s team of Metallurgists, Material, and Mechanical Engineers pride themselves at meeting Cost, Quality and Delivery objectives for the supply of your Metal components.

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Wear Resistant Castings

Wear is a complex field and there are numerous types of wear. Different types (and combinations) of wear mechanisms requires different approaches to the material selection and design.

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Part I. The Metallurgy of: “Alloy Selection for Elevated Temperature Application”

Introduction This is a complex subject in part due to the time dependant mechanical behaviour of metals under load at elevated temperature. At room temperature, we understand that a part is failing once it is past it’s yield point – plastic deformation is occurring. The part is completely destroyed once…

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Part II. The Metallurgy of: “Alloy Selection for Elevated Temperature Application”

Malabou cast special alloys that allow for castings to be used at elevated temperature’s, in some cases in excess of 1000°C. These heat resistant casting alloys consist of predominantly of combinations of nickel, chromium and iron together with small percentages of other elements. Castings made of these high temperature alloys…

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The Metallurgy of: “Is Stainless Steel Magnetic?”

Of course many of you will know the answer, some of you won’t & some of you will be surprised by the answer. Malabou specialises in making castings in stainless, alloy, mild, and tool steels and we are often asked this question. Background Metallurgy. At room temperature, Mild Steel is…

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